Public Policy

Especially since the late 1990s, the fight against climate change has been demanding an intense process of decision making and policies set out in plans, programmes, legislation and rules.

Given the very nature of the climate change challenge, the fact is that the solutions to be found must be global and agreed between every country. Hence, the construction and implementation of a global - and EU - regime to counter climate change has been demanding one of the most intense and ongoing negotiation processes in the history of the United Nations system, against the backdrop of multilateral environmental agreements with mutual cooperation a strong feature.

Initiated fundamentally by virtue of agreements settled within the scope of the United Nations, national public policies to fight climate change are particularly determined by international community guidelines and directives.

Due to the fact that the process is based on extremely rigorous information, the United Nations and the international community institutions established extremely demanding and robust monitoring, reporting and verification systems.

It was in this context that Ecoprogresso created its Public Policies and Negotiation department also including our range of cooperation activities.

Public Policies

Any type of service rendered to the Government or to the European Commission and that aims to define or implement any type of public policy or legal obligation. Services rendered to other entities with a view to influencing public policy decision making.

Ecoprogresso retains vast experience as regards supporting the definition and implementation of public policies, particularly in the field of climate change.

Ecoprogresso designed and coordinated the implementation of the National System of Emissions and Environmental Pollutants Removal Inventory (NSEEPRI), in addition to writing the Council of Ministers Resolution Project 68/2005 of March, 17. The recent NSEREPI's approval by the United Nations guarantees Portugal the possibility of participating in the carbon market through the flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol - the Clean Development Mechanism, the Joint Implementation and the International Emissions Trading. Currently, it continues to support the APA in coordinating and annually producing the Emissions and Environmental Pollutants Removal National Inventory - EEPRNI,specifically for greenhouse gases, including methodological improvement and quality control and guarantee components.

Furthermore, Ecoprogresso produced several official national reports on the fight against climate changes policy, specifically as regards the implementation of the Kyoto Agreement and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Third and Fourth National Communications to the CQNUAC, Report on Demonstrable Progress regarding the implementation of the Kyoto Agreement, reporting under Article 3.2 of Decision No. 280/2004/CE and the Initial Report within the scope of the Kyoto Agreement, having also assisted in the revision of the same, as carried out by the United Nations team. Such processes resulted in establishing the guidelines for the definition of the amounts assigned in the first accomplishment period and Portugal's participation in Kyoto's mechanisms.

As regards the awareness factor, Ecoprogresso defined the contents of the touring exhibition The Future of Our Climate, targeting primary school students in addition to the interactive game Clim@lerta.

Ecoprogresso also co-led the United Nations team that evaluated the 4th National Communication and Report on Demonstrable Progress for New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Denmark and Slovenia.

Finally, a reference document on adapting to climate change, with a set of action recommendations, serving as guidelines for the National Strategy of Climate Change Adaptation, was also drafted and produced.


Any type of service rendered to the Government and that aims to support the definition and negotiation of national interests in EU or international forums.

Ecoprogresso also supports the Ministry of Environment in the definition and negotiation of the national positions within the scope of the European Council (Environment Training - International Environment Working Group/Climate Change). Given its vast experience, the Ecoprogresso team has frequently been invited to be the European Union spokesman in United Nations negotiations. During the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, Ecoprogresso was in the core strategic negotiation definition team, having also provided extensive operational support.

Ecoprogresso has been Portugal's representative at the Global Environment Facility – GEF, the World Bank branch responsible for funds management to assist developing countries within the scope of the Environment Multilateral Agreements.


Any type of service rendered to the government or entities internationally on a cooperation basis regarding development, directly or through bilateral or multilateral cooperation agencies, including development banks.

Under contract to the World Bank, Ecoprogresso rendered support to São Tomé and Príncipe in producing its National Action Program for Adaptation to Climate Change,having also reviewed the First National Communication of Mozambique.


Any type of service provided to public or private entities, national or international, that has as main goal to determine the vulnerability degree to current and future impacts of climate change and the identification, design and implementation of measures to reduce the vulnerability of investment and policies to the risks of climate change impacts

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In this context of Adaptation to Climate Change, although recent theme, Ecoprogresso shows already vast experience and knowledge:

• Particularly in the national context for drawing up the Document of Reference for the definition of a National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change.
• Coordinating, in the context of negotiations of the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol the adaptation group of experts of the European Union during the last Portuguese Presidency and the present Slovenian one.
• Negotiating funds for adaptation (Special Climate Change Fund - SCCF, Least Developed Countries Fund - LDCF and Adaptation Fund - AF.)
• Representing the EU and Portugal in various international adaptation meetings like.

  • IPCC's 27th Session in Valencia.

  • GEF councils.

  • The meeting of the Consultative Group of Experts for the Least Developed Countries

  • • Organizing with the European Commission the Greenbook on Adaptation workshop in Lisbon
    • Supporting the World Bank in the review of the National Programme of Action on Adaptation of Sao Tome and Principe.
    • Organization of the National Initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change

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