Being a complex problem, climate change can be fought by all of us through an apparently simple mechanism: emissions offsetting.

Carbon offsetting was created by the United Nations (under the Kyoto Protocol) so that rich countries could invest in projects that reduce emissions in poorer countries (offsetting works by neutralizing the emissions produced with an equivalent amount of carbon saved/reduced or removed from the atmosphere). Thus the carbon market was created.

Even though an investment in internal reduction measures probably brings economic co-benefits (such as reducing energy costs) at a given time it can become very costly to reducing a ton of CO2. When internal options to reduce cost-efficiently run out, investment in projects that reduce emissions outside the organization´s value chain through compensation is an option to consider because, in the end, what matters is the reduction of carbon emissions at the lowest cost possible. Furthermore it has the potential co-benefits for a clean development of local communities (especially when these are in countries that are more vulnerable to climate change such as African countries or Latin America for example).

This simple way of protecting the climate is available to companies and individuals through Carbonfree.

How does it work?

The role of Ecoprogresso, through our partnerships with several suppliers of carbon credits, is to find, in the global carbon market, the project that best suits the needs and interests of your company.

Alternatively, Ecoprogresso may also provide credits available in its own portfolio, if the compensation amount doesn’t justify an intermediary in the carbon market.

Currently eligible credits to offset carbon emissions to become Carbonfree are those that are verified by independent and/or reviewed by government agencies (CERs, VERs, and EUAs). After calculating the amount of emissions to offset (performed with the knowhow of Ecoprogresso following international methodologies), and after selecting the type of credit, a Carbonfree certificate is issued. Any organization can obtain this seal that proves the climate neutrality of your organization, your product, your event, your publications, your travels, among many other possibilities.

In a changing climate, any investment made via Ecoprogresso in national projects are actually a support for mitigation and/or adaptation to climate change, and a declaration is issued by Ecoprogresso, which will prove and demonstrate the concern and action by the company in helping the country reduce emissions and enhance their resilience to climate change.

Carbonfree Code of Ethics

Carbonfree selects projects that ensure an effective reduction of carbon from the atmosphere. Our requirements for the selection of credits are in line with the guidelines set by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA):

  • Additionality - the project wouldn’t exist if there weren’t carbon credits, also this reduction must not have been planned in the existent policies;
  • Measurable - the quantities of emissions reduced are determined by internationally approved methodologies;
  • Permanent - the emission reductions (or capture in the case of forestry projects) must be irreversible. For forestry projects it must be proved that the forest will survive for at least 100 years.
  • Verifiable - all Carbonfree projects are monitored and verified by an independent entity that certifies in accordance with local and sector specific requirements;
  • Contributes to local development - the credits selected come preferably from projects that will promote the sustainable development of the local communities. This can be done for example by improving the local biodiversity, creating jobs, ensuring access to energy, improving health and living conditions.

Ecoprogresso's main goal is to ensure that the carbon credits used to offset your company's emissions do correspond to an actual reduction of emissions and that they are an asset in climate protection and sustainable development promotion.

Partnership Carbonfree/Ecoprogresso

To facilitate a more direct access, and to ensure the best carbon credits at the most competitive prices, Ecoprogresso established a set of partnerships with organizations promoting eligible projects that produce credits for compensation or simply help the country in its plan to reduce emissions.

  • Carbonfree Credits

Ecotrade/BlueNextCarbon (which incorporates PowerNextCarbon after its acquisition by the New York Stock Exchange) - Ecoprogresso is the only company in Portugal authorized to transact in the BlueNextCarbon, the main carbon stock market in the world. BlueNextCarbon offers European Union Allowances (EUAs) as well as Clean Development Mechanism Credits (Certified Emission Reductions - CERs) issued by the United Nations, these serve as a benchmark for the carbon credit’s pricing all around the World.

MaviConsultants – it is a company that has a complete understanding of the development of carbon projects, it has also worked to develop strong partnerships with development aid agencies, financial institutions and private companies primarily in Turkey, and it encourages renewable energy in a country extremely dependent and promoter of fossil fuels. Its innovative approach to the development of carbon projects was recently recognized at the 2010 International Congress of Turkish Renewable Energy (ICTR), where it won the category of "Carbon Markets Project Developer".

CO2Balance - Founded in 2003, the CO2Balance is able to provide carbon credits verified in a transparent manner to ensure compliance with internationally standards for each project, being these validated and verified independently, being supported by collateral CarbonZero and guided by the beacon of "ethical conduct", so that all the projects it develops won’t only be promoting the reduction of greenhouse gases, but also creating social and environmental benefits within the community where the projects are located.

EcoSecurities - recognized as a pioneer in the carbon market, has collected one of the largest and most diversified portfolios of carbon credits. EcoSecurities generate carbon credits through its work with companies in developing and industrialized countries in order to implement projects that reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

  • Support for Mitigation/Adaptation

Instituto Superior Técnico - IST promotes and supports scientific research and its implementation in the field of sustainable agricultural practices that promote strong carbon sequestration in agricultural soils by planting biodiverse seeds that are very resistant to different types of climate extremes (severe droughts, heat waves and floods) that begin to characterize our climate. The project ‘Extensity’ is thus an excellent example, perhaps the first in Portugal, of the construction of synergies between mitigation and adaptation for climate change.

Natura Cascais - Cascais Environment Agency, presents the ‘Oxygen’ program which aims to increase the sensitivity of citizens, companies and institutions, public or private to issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss, through the promotion and protection of biodiversity - fauna and flora – in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

OIKOS - is a non-governmental organization for development founded in 1988. One of the objectives of the Campaign Carbon Against Poverty, developed in partnership with Ecoprogresso is to promote and support projects that reduce emissions with a strong impact on poverty reduction in poor countries or in Portugal. By ensuring that the projects to reduce greenhouse gases, especially the ones covered by the Clean Development Mechanism, are considered an additional instrument for financing development and poverty reduction in vulnerable communities around the world, this campaign is boosting the Millennium Development Goals.

Illustrative list of available projects in Ecoprogresso's portfolio

Contact us and know more about our most recent portfolio.

Build your own project to offset emissions

Some companies develop strong ties to a particular community or a particular institution and prefer to continually channel its support to those beneficiaries. Ecoprogresso has in this case all the experience required to provide you with support to build your project according to the special situation in order to certify according to one of the standards for an entry into the voluntary market for verified carbon credits.

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