Ecoprogresso is a consulting firm specialized in climate change, energy and carbon management.

Ecoprogresso deploys thorough knowledge of the energy and carbon markets as well as its variables and constantly seeks out the best means of incorporating this knowledge into client business strategies in order to integrate the carbon variable into the company’s business whilst always seeking to capitalise on the benefits this new asset can represent.

Regarding industrial installations, Ecoprogresso has provided a service of excellence to its clients within the scope of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, with experience in all sectors covered and being the only Portuguese company that assisted its clients in the analysis and negotiation of the emission limits proposed by the Internal Working Group NAP II.

The technical and economical evaluation of cogeneration systems in industrial environments, optimizing equipment according to energy standards and, in particular, introducing carbon into system optimization represent other noteworthy core competences.

Regarding Voluntary Carbon Management, Ecoprogresso was a pioneer having been the very first company in Portugal to work with clients in defining a voluntary carbon management strategy based on the international standard proposed by the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and by the World Resources Institute – the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

In 2006, Ecoprogresso set up Carbonfree for the certification of emissions compensation through either the acquisition of carbon credits or the implementation of projects specifically designed to reduce emissions in the company’s surrounding community.

Within the scope of public policies, Ecoprogresso has built up vast experience having advised for some years the Ministry of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development - MESPRD, specifically in international negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol and monitoring the corresponding national implementation.

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