Ecoprogresso is a consulting firm specialized in climate change, energy and carbon management. It currently holds an unmatchable service portfolio, experience and client roster. Ecoprogresso provides the solution when energy and carbon are the challenges.

The vast experience and unique positioning of Ecoprogresso arises from advising, for several years, the Portuguese government in fields including the Kyoto Protocol international negotiations both at the United Nations and European Union levels. In the private sector, more than 100 companies have selected Ecoprogresso as their business partner. These companies operate in very different sectors of activity such as: Commercial and Investment Banking, Shopping Centre Management, Transportation, Electricity Production and Distribution, Pulp and Paper, Ceramics, Lime, Cement, Textiles and the Food and Beverage Sector. In recognition of its value, Ecoprogresso was the consultancy company chosen for the management of the first private Portuguese carbon fund the Luso Carbon Fund (LCF). Ecoprogresso expanded internationally in early 2007 on opening an office in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and in 2008 in Beijing (China).

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