Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge of the XXI century. Those changes concerning climate projected according to the scenarios of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will have deep implications on the Humanity’s ability to progress economically, socially and culturally. The effects may lead, in the most catastrophic scenarios, to the destruction of large parts of the world’s ecosystems where the biggest part of the biodiversity and the world’s population are concentrated.

  • Source: Quarto Relatório do IPCC, 2007
  • Even in the less catastrophic scenarios (the most likely ones) we are not already immune to great climate changes, even in Portugal. According to SIAM (Scenarios, Impacts and Adaptation Measures) project, Portugal is already suffering from climate change, having longer periods of summer drought and more episodes of floods and intensive rain. In the future, in a scenario of lack of emissions control, Portugal may see its medium temperatures increased up to +7ºC until the end of the century. Such a scenario would lead to erosion and physical desertification of substantial parts of the national territory, significantly affecting the agricultural potential, but also the touristic potential (already affected by the diversion of considerable fluxes of international tourists to warmer European regions).

    However, it is possible to avoid these scenarios. By means of national and international ambitious and visionary policies, with a clear understanding of the market’s role and scope to encourage innovation, we can anticipate the development and application of technologies, much of them already available today. Some studies, such as the Stern report, show that these policies may lead to a transformation of the agricultural and forestall energetic systems, with only a fraction of the costs comprised by inaction.

    Ecoprogresso is committed exactly in the development of the policy, the instruments and the technologies that will allow this transformation.

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